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Chief Justice Sereno’s Novelty

Memo to the Dying 07:
To: Chief Justice Sereno’s Novelty
Day of Death: Anytime now
Final Act: Pen A Landmark Supreme Court Decision

Congratulations for being our first woman Chief Justice.

I hope that your gender is not the main reason for your appointment. Because he is the only son in the family, President Noynoy tends to compensate his deprivation by surrounding himself with three groups of people in his government: father figures, brothers-in-arms, and strong women. The first two are compensations, the third is comfort zone.  (That is much better of course than GMA who surrounded herself with boytoys – comfort zone AND compensation for having a dweeb for a husband, and losers for sons.)

You join an elite circle of high-profile powerful women now: Kim Henares, Conchita Carpio-Morales, Leila de Lima, Ging Deles, Dinky Soliman, and Etta Rosales.

That we pioneer in having women as heads of branches of government doesn’t mean that we have an enlightened citizenry. It simply means that the previous men suck big time. Cory and GMA took over from ousted presidents while you follow an impeached loser. Continue reading


PAGASA’s Stormy Credibility

Memo to the Dying 06:
To: PAGASA’s stormy credibility
Estimated Death: on the next supertyphoon

Suggested Final Act: Build A New Vocabulary

First of all, remove from your report irritating lines like: We expect that the weather will improve in the next two to three days. And then the next day, the streets would be flooded because a new LPA was spotted. Why not just say, “Now, nothing indicates a bad weather, however be prepared because it is the monsoon season and it might just flood when you wake up tomorrow.”

Secondly, please edit your mission statement:

“The primary mission of PAGASA is to provide protection of life and property against natural hazards due to typhoons, floods, drought, giant waves, high seas, etc., to utilize scientific knowledge and information as an effective instrument to ensure the safety, well being, economic security and improve the quality of life of all the people and the environment; and to promote national progress and contribute to regional socio-economic development through various applications of meteorology, geophysics and space sciences (including astronomy).”

I understand that your field is science and not language; but that statement, which defines who you are, is full of errors. Then again, maybe that’s who you are. Continue reading