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Note to the Environment

Memo 00

To: The Natural Environment
Projected Time of Death: December 12, 2012
According to: Ancient Calendars and Modern Bloggers

Re: Final Act

Before you die, and I guess you should because you have been acting like a senile senior citizen lately, I want you to make your final act a thing of beauty.

Please – floods, tsunami, eruptions, earthquakes, hurricanes are so passe. Been there, done that. Show us your perfection. Bring back extinct animals and plants. Let all flowers bloom. Let all trees bear fruit. Let all animals roam the land, friendly with one other. Let Erap ride on the wings of a dodo because that is his dream.

Let the earth experience its best springtime – even for three days. Then you can go as you wish.


Lolong the Tourist Attraction

Memo to the Dying 12:
To: Lolong as Tourist Attraction
Estimated Death: it is  a race who will die first – Lolong or a tourist

Suggested Final Act: Release him back to the marshland

Hey you, the LGU of Bunawan, you guys are way beyond your league. Lolong – the world’s largest saltwater crocodile in captivity – is something you can’t handle – literally and figuratively.

Eco-tourism? My ass! Conservation? None of you are conservation scientists, and I doubt if there is someone there who really specializes in saltwater crocodile. There is a reason why it is called a beast – it treats humans as prey.  That sorry state of a water pond you call a conservation – even if it is temporary – cannot be considered an alternative habitat for that wild beauty  you have.

It is either he dies; or he gets to eat one of your tourists. You say you have an investor willing to put in P 200 million? Then here is the Option B: develop the marshland using that money. Safeguard those locals; provide better infrastructure; out in some cabins in there; and return Lolong to where he belongs.