The Final Act

Filipino modern society is defined by a series of final acts – the last piece of work by its heroes and villains before dying. Yes, I am making that up. But at least I have anecdotal evidence, unlike a certain high-blood madam senator whose conclusions are based on hallucinations. She should die. That is her best gift to Philippine society.

Anyway, where was I? Death, yes, and final acts. Rizal wrote Mi Ultimo Adios and made life difficult for memory-impaired college students. It also inspired revolutionaries I think, otherwise, why the heck did we spend three  months memorizing it?

But honestly. Ninoy Aquino’s final act was to go home – and people power was invented. If Ninoy died in the US (they had difficulty getting Rolando Galman a tourist visa), then the Philippines would have been the first country under necrocracy (well North Korea has that honor now).

And Cory Aquino, for me the best president this country never deserved, had two final acts which defined our present reality. She tightened the screws on daughter Kris ( we will always be thankful for that); and inspired son Noynoy to stop smoking. Wait, that is the bucket list. Oh yeah, Noynoy took over the presidency and broke the neck of GMA. That is a defining moment, don’t you think?

And fairly recently,in the Saga of Naga, Jesse Robredo followed the final act of his idol Ninoy. He decided to come home. Although his idol died in the tarmac, and he, in the passenger seat, that the two decided to board the plane to come home and end up dead few inches away from their airplanes already raised the status of airplanes as the vehicle of choice for national heroes – way beyond execution or, such as the case of FPJ Jr., heart attack.

But on the other side, Flor Contemplacion’s final act – she confessed to killing Delia Maga – brought the welfare of our OFWs to national attention. The final act of Dolzura Cortez – making her AIDS story  public – pushed HIV awareness to the forefront and made Ceres Doyo a household name.

These are just some of the many pieces of evidence that proves one thing: your final act is important and should therefore be planned. But first you have to die – the swan song becomes  a cheap PR machinery if the black swan actually lived.

This blog is a carefully-thought of memorandum to dying people (and that means everyone because as Jesse’s death has proven, we all might die anytime soon) to make their final acts a gift of service to humanity.




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