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Charisse Pempengco’s International Stardom, RIP

Memo to the Dying 04

To: Charisse International Stardom
Estimated Death: On Charisse’s 20th Birthday

Suggested Final Act: Go back to school

All these rants from Charisse’s camp against anyone who “threatens” her status (first against Jessica Sanchez as not Filipina enough; and now against that Random Girl as not good enough) are pathetic but hardly unexpected.

These are signs of insecurity that stems from mistaken notions: that Filipino’s can only be loyal to ONLY ONE international talent; that Charisse is THE best Filipino singer to hit the international scene, and; more importantly, that her worth depends on how much the crowd adores her.

The first one is simply ridiculous. We love them ALL. Yes, we may have our own favorites. Yes, there are others who deserve more recognition. But, we are decades beyond the last rivalry of Nor and Vilma – a post-modern fan embraces every one worth the name. To say that Filipinos ought not be proud of Jessica Sanchez because she is only half-Filipino and was not born here in the country is not just pathetic, it is stupid. Or to use a more colorful language: Bobo!

For Charisse’s camp to assume that she is the greatest Pinoy talent ever and no one can equal her success is both arrogant and delusional. There are better singers with more beautiful faces in my neighborhood  Videoke Bar than Charisse; but they were not given the opportunities granted to her.

But essentially, that insecurity comes from a mistaken notion that Charisse’s worth is attached to her stardom. That is the kind of mentality that destroy’s a daughter’s life. Charisse is a wonderful, hardworking, and talented child. We love her. She is one of our best singers, but that is just one of the many beautiful things about her.

So, Charisse, listen to me. You are not a child anymore, You have to speak for yourself, and make your own decisions.

Oprah, acting as your champion, defined your magnitude and your limitation in one sweeping entitlement:  Most Talented Girl in the World,.

You were. And we will always be proud of you. But the problem with childhood sensations is that they grow up and they grow old. You are not a girl anymore; and nobody in his right mind, Oprah included, would dare to call you the Most Talented Woman in the World. You are not!

To be a girl and to have such an amazing vocal range and calisthenics is a rarity. But now that you are a grown up, you migrate to a new firmament where stars of longer and bigger magnitude occupy. You now have to compete with Beyonce, Rihanna, Adele, etc. Besides, other Filipina talents rose to the ranks of global recognition with talents more amazing than yours. They have sex appeal (an important factor) which you don’t have because you look like a midget.

Frankly, the duet of Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holiday revealed your Youtube rendition of ” And I Am Telling” You as what it really is – girlish and pitchy. Stop singing that song in public or you will be ridiculed.

Being edgy requires more than a short blond hair and tattoo. Yes, you look mature (and maybe hot for some who have a thing for hobbits) but you also look trying hard. And trying-hard is what you project as an X-factor judge. You don’t have it – X-factor I mean.

But the other bitchy thing about growing up is that people won’t be nice to you anymore. And so the hecklers and critics start to tear your reputation apart. My apologies. Let me join them. My dear, you don’t know anything. You sound like a “bobo” in the quartet that includes Pilita, Gary, and Martin. Your vocabulary is very limited to clichés and exclamatory sentences. Your analysis is,to put it kindly, shallow. How many times can one say “Naka-identify ako sa iyo, naranasan ko rin iyan” and really sound sincere? Once. Do it again to the next contestant, you sound pretentious. Say it for the next ten rounds and you sound as if you have nothing else to say.

You don’t lack talent, you lack proper education. So before that talent fizzles, go back to school. Study. Learn. Reflect. (Put that as a tattoo in your hand so you won’t forget.)