To the Wife of Jesus Christ

Imagine my amazement/surprise/glee when a New York Times article featured an evidence that in fact you existed. Who served as your witness? Your husband, the Son of God, no less. Apparently, this faded papyrus fragment the size of a business card (one of these days, I will tell you about business cards) contain an unpublished line in the Scriptures, “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife...”‘

Oh dear Spouse of God, wasn’t it just ten years ago that we launched an email campaign urging the Catholic Church to acknowledge women in the priesthood and to allow married priest to continue in the ministry? The Roman Catholic Magisterium – its teaching authority – always asserts that Jesus Christ – the model of priesthood – was, ahem, single. Ergo, you did not exist, Holy Wife.

And now, this short unfinished sentence on a small piece of paper which is considered authentic by many scholars has the potential of redefining our faith and reinventing our religion. That line — Jesus said my wife — follows the other famous line of God — Let there be light – as two of the most important Divine utterances. They bring enlightenment and new life not just to believers but to the world.

Can you just imagine what kind of world we had if Jesus Christ was revealed as a family man who had a beautiful wife who was a female disciple and who had children running around while he preached the Sermon of the Mount? Then women wouldn’t have to fight for their right and dignity? Priests would have been allowed to marry and thereby prevent the shameful scandal of sexual harassment and child molestation. Your acknowledged and proven existence will send the Vatican to in the catacombs and Pope Benedict to abandon his Prada shoes and run barefoot to Castel Gandolfo.

Oh, but that is enough hysteria. We know the truth. The Church Magisterium and the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith otherwise known as the Holy Inquisition will dismiss the line as “taken out of context” and its author as “apocryphal” and not canonical the way it dismissed the earlier Gospel of Mary.

But the Church cannot dictate our minds and cannot suppress any information anymore. Not today when the internet allows us to share information, discuss our opinions, spread the word without the Church declaring us heretics.

Dear Wife of God, if indeed you exist, we will spread the good news via email. And we will call it the Email Gospel of the Wife of God. We will spread the word – or the text – faster and freer!

And thus, because of email, your memory will be honored, your place in our faith acknowledged. And yeah, it is only through email that I can say this line to the world without fear of excommunication: screw the doctrine!

My entry to the Daily Post Challenge: Mail It In!


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