Our Love Affair with Pacquaio

Memo to the Dying 09
To: Manny Pacquiao’s Love Affair with Pinoys
Day of Death: On the Fourth Pacquaio-Marques Bout

Suggested Final Act: Be a Full-time Family Man

We all love Manny Pacquiao, right? Even our criminals take a day-off during his matches – the petty kind, I mean, because the big ones are with him ringside.

But as a human interest story, Pacquiao is one word stretched into an entire dictionary.

When a boxing champ becomes a singer, we call it versatility. When a boxer/singer becomes a politician. We call it character stretch. But when a boxer/singer/politician becomes a TV host, a ramp model, a Bible preacher, a commercial endorser, then it is time to cut the crap and call it what it really is: social climbing.

When you are not educated, and fame gets into your head, two things can happen: you suffer a major breakdown like Mommy Dionesia, or suffer from illusions of grandeur like her son.

When the nation was bereft of heroes and good news, Manny was a relief. But now that there is so much good news going on and real heroes are given the opportunity to shine, Manny is becoming tiresome and useless.

He had fought his matches, he had served this country well. It is time for him to go back to what pushed him to fight in the first place – his family. Be a fulltime family man, Congressman Pacquiao. That is the best way to preserve your legacy. Now, which family is that?


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